EnergySense Understanding energy and power.

Carl Lawrence, President
Scientific analysis of energy and power requirements for:
    New products,
    Transportation technologies,
    Zero-purchased-energy buildings, and
    Electric aviation technologies.

Computer Aided Design of mechanical and electromechanical devices: 
    AutoCAD drawings,
    Inventor 3D modeling software,
    3D Printing - DeVinci 1.0 printer.

Economic reviews of business models and product developments.

Aviation technologies are advancing rapidly. Electric propulsion systems promise higher reliability and safety at lower costs and reduced complexity. Components and systems being installed on experimental aircraft today will be transitioning to certified general aviation and on to commercial transport over the next several decades.
Common avionics platforms are shifting the added value from the hardware to the software and big data. Sensors will use a common wireless network to provide data to controllers and displays, as each device becomes a node on a common area network (CAN).
Advanced airframe designs and innovative manufacturing techniques are producing extremely efficient and safer aircraft. Stronger and lighter materials provide the necessary synergy for the advancement of electric flight with its limited energy storage.
We strive to support our cooperative partners in the advancement of aviation technologies. We have years of experience in the underlying technologies and in their application to flight.
Please call on us to help you in the development of your grand ideas.
Alternative Transportation
Alternative transportation spans from the simple means, such as bicycles, to the most advanced road vehicles and transit systems. Whether human powered or electric, alternative transportation is cleaner and more energy efficient than the old modes. Such as it is, electrical energy storage is limited today, although the conversion of that energy to motion is far more efficient than any liquid-fuel technologies. Electric drives produce less than ten percent the waste heat compared to internal combustion, and need only very small heat exchangers. The synergistic effect is a more aerodynamically streamlined vehicle, which requires far less energy to travel down the road.
We have been developing electric vehicle systems for 25 years. We founded the first company in the US to produce a fleet of hybrid-electric buses. Our spin-off company, Eetrex, produced battery systems for hybrid and electric vehicles. Swift Tram, a fixed-guideway, suspended coach, automated people mover manufacturer spun out of EnergySense, and will soon be producing vehicles and control systems for the transit industry.
Please call on us for designs, engineering, reviews and project management of your electric or human powered vehicle projects.
Research, Development & Engineering
Technical challenges can be approached effectively by first reviewing the primary goals. Understanding the requirements fosters a stronger collaboration between the partners. We like to take this approach as a means to efficiency and cost-effectiveness. A background in physics allows us to proceed in a scientific manner starting with the fundamentals.
Our core expertise lies in:
Machine design, CAD, and engineering,
Research in energy efficiency and thermal management,
Project management and conceptual systems architecture, and
Innovative solutions.

     Swift Tram, Inc.      Eetrex, Incorporated      Columbine Bus, Inc.      Bye Aerospace      Electric Aircraft motors

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