EnergySense Knowledge, Innovation and Energy
Project Management and Technical Expertise
    Mechanical design and engineering,
    Construction General Contractor,
    Mechanisms, and
    Energy/power analysis.

Design Services
    Inventor 3D modeling CAD,
    AutoCAD drawings,
    Software design,
    3D Printing - DeVinci 1.0 printer.

Economic reviews of business models and product developments.

Capability Statement

EnergySense offers mechanical design, engineering and scientific services for the development of products, instruments, systems and infrastructure. Large projects are managed by seasoned leadership driven by a solid understanding of physics, engineering and business management. Smaller projects are executed by skilled team member experts in CAD, 3D modeling, numerical analysis, industrial design and limited fabrication.

EnergySense aspires to deliver well organized and thoughtful project definitions and project plans based on fundamentals of engineering, science and project management. Resources are allocated as required per project, driven by the desires of the project sponsor. We provide research & development consulting services or turn-key hardware for private enterprises, governmental agencies and non-profit activities.

     Past Projects

Electric Aircraft motors

Bye Aerospace

Swift Tram, Inc.

Eetrex, Incorporated

Columbine Bus, Inc.


Carl Lawrence, Principal Investigator & President

We are not hiring at this time.
30+ years of experience
Masters in Business Administration
BA Physics
Mechanical Engineering
General Contractor class B
Drafting Diploma (pencil and paper)
Private Pilot
Commercial Drone (UAS) Pilot

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